Bercow: MPs have the right to try and delay or prevent Brexit

Commons Speaker John Bercow has said MPs could ignore the result of the referendum and vote against the final deal in a bit to “delay Brexit or prevent Brexit”.

Bercow, who admitted that he voted Remain, thinks MPs have “the right” to vote down Brexit – well what about the right the British people have to be represented in Parliament? And the majority of Brits voted for Brexit!

He told the Hansard Society: “My sense is there will be a lot of people in Parliament who will want to be able to vote on the deal…There will be some members of Parliament who say ‘I want to be able at the end of all this if I’m not satisfied, to say No, to try to persuade other members of Parliament to say No, and to hope that No might delay Brexit or prevent Brexit.’

“Do they have a right to argue that point of view? They absolutely do.”

If MPs vote down the final Brexit bill then not only are they going against the will of the people but they’re damaging Britain by promoting uncertainty, which will have a knock-on effect on the economy.