Jihadi who planned 30 terror attacks in UK has 2 council houses

A jihadi who wanted to brainwash an army of children into carrying out terror attacks at up to 30 locations had TWO council houses – one for him and one for his ‘independent’ wife…the taxpayer will be pleased…

Despite wanting to bring fire and fury to the UK, Muhammad Abid  was happy to sponge off the benefits system. He even claimed more money as his wife’s carer because she was suffering with stress and depression.

There are thousands of homeless veterans lining Britain’s streets, but a jihadi can get 2 council homes. Come off it.

Westmonster wonders whether that stress and depression might have anything to do with the fact her husband was a warped lunatic.

Abid was jailed for 4 years and three months at the Old Bailey yesterday for failing to disclose information about terror plans hatched by co-defendant, Umar Haque.

Haque was a teacher at a local madrasa and was teaching kids how to carry out terror attacks. He’s now been caged for 25 years.

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There’s a worrying undercurrent of radical Islam in British society, but this also raises serious questions about the UK benefit system. There are thousands of military veterans on the streets yet this nutcase gets 2 homes? That’s not right.