Jihad in the classroom

The German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees has reported a sharp increase in the number of calls to its radicalisation hotline from schools saying their staff are being terrorised by radicalised kids and their parents.

Teachers and psychologists from all over the country have made over 3,800 calls to the hotline since it opened with stories of kids disturbing lessons, insulting teachers and openly talking about jihad.

A female teacher told Bavarian Radio about an incident at a parents evening in which a child’s mother came in wearing a full veil and the child’s father refused to shake the teacher’s hand. When told that this was considered an act of rudeness in Europe, the man replied that he did not care at all and that “his law” forbid him from shaking hands with an “unclean woman.”

Another parent caused a scene when she found out that boys and girls were taught together, hissing at the teacher and branding her a “nazi”.

Florian Endres, an expert in Islamic extremism, told the German Press Agency that most of the children in question come from a Salafi background and that in most cases, their parents have already been radicalised.

He said that many children he deals with have jihadi propaganda videos on their mobile phones and openly praise the Berlin Christmas Market terrorist, saying his act was “completely legitimate” and that “he should get his reward in paradise”.

Endres also warned that the number of younger people becoming radicalised is on the rise.

“The last two or three years have shown that boys and girls are getting younger,” he says.

There are an estimated 10,300 Salafists in Germany, around 10% of which are considered violent and dangerous.

Westmonster previously reported that French Salafists were moving to Birmingham because men could make their wives wear the burka there and the ultra-conservative form of Islam can openly be taught in schools.

We should all be worried about the problems this is going to cause down the line when these kids become fighting age adults…