Jeremy Corbyn's satisfaction rating slips to lowest level since May 2017

The British public are being turned off by Jeremy Corbyn, according to new data.

The Labour Leader has a net satisfaction of -27 with 59% of people saying they are dissatisfied with him, Ipsos MORI reveals.

So Corbyn’s down 5 points since March and rests at its lowest level since May 2017.

But Theresa May is also down, although only by 3 points. She has a net dissatisfaction rating of -17.


What’s also quite telling is that most people think Theresa May is, for want of a better phrase, strong and stable when it comes to the key issues facing Britain:

  • 46% say Theresa May is a capable leader (up 1 point since September 2017) vs. 32% for Jeremy Corbyn (down 6 points)
  • 43% say Theresa May is “good in a crisis” (up 3 points) vs, a quarter (25%) for Jeremy Corbyn (down 5 points)
  • 2 in 5 (41%) say Theresa May “has sound judgment” (up 5 points) vs. 31% for Jeremy Corbyn (down 9 points)

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It’s clear that the way Corbyn handled the Salisbury poisoning, Syria and the anti-Semitism row in his party have not gone down well with many voters. They also clearly don’t think he’s the man for a crisis, or his team of tin pot Corbyn Cult followers…