'Jeremy Corbyn would probably have voted for EU Withdrawal Bill if he wasn't Labour leader' - Dennis Skinner MP

Labour MP Dennis Skinner has told Westmonster that he thinks Jeremy Corbyn would have voted in favour of the EU Withdrawal Bill if he wasn’t party leader.

Westmonster’s Patrick Christys asked Skinner if he thought he’d face a backlash from Labour’s top brass for defying the party whip and voting for the Bill – it turns out the veteran MP thinks he’s safe because of Corbyn’s anti-EU past.

He said: “No, no…because, you know, on the occasion, sometimes when I’ve been in the lobby during the last 30-odd years since Jeremy came in, Jeremy’s been in the same lobby as me, and John McDonnell.

“I think if he hadn’t have been leader…I think it’s a fair proposition that he would have been in the lobby with me. And it’s wasn’t a Tory lobby, it was called the Aye lobby.”

Skinner was one of only 7 Labour MPs to vote for the Withdrawal Bill. He told Westmonster it’s because he’s been voting against the EU from the start:

It’s refreshing there are still some MPs who aren’t afraid to speak their mind.