Corbyn refuses to say he’d bomb White Widow jihadi Sally Jones

Jeremy Corbyn has refused to say that he would have ordered the drone strike that killed the White Widow jihadi, Sally Jones.

Jones, who was a top recruiter for ISIS and is believed to have organised several terror attacks around the world, was allegedly eviscerated in a drone strike in June, but the announcement has just been made today.

When asked what he made of the drone strike, Corbyn said: “It’s unconfirmed so we have to be careful on this question. It’s clearly significant if it’s happened. We need to look at getting everyone around the table to get a political solution because we can’t go on with having a war forever.”

He’s in favour of bringing such terrorists to trial because “we get more information” that way and couldn’t say whether or not he’d have ordered the drone strike – “It’s difficult to give an answer to that question, which is hypothetical, we have to look at the affect it would have on the civilian population”.

Corbyn also said he voted to Remain in the EU and would do the same again.

It’s ridiculous that Corbyn can’t give a straight answer as to whether or not he’d wipe one of the most twisted jihadis off the face of the earth. How could Britain expect him to lead it effectively during a time of urgent crisis?