Jenkyns: Tusk's comments show EU afraid of UK leaving without a deal

Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns has claimed that Donald Tusk’s comments about a Canada+ deal being on offer for the UK show that “the EU is afraid of the UK leaving without a deal”.

Speaking to Westmonster, Jenkyns said: “Donald Tusk’s comments illustrate what Brexiteers have been saying from the very beginning: that the EU is afraid of the UK leaving without a deal.

“The EU want our divorce settlement, they want us to continue buying their products and they want access to the sixth largest economy in the world.

“A Canada+++ arrangement has always been the logical place to start negotiating our future trade arrangements, however, now we must see some detail from the EU.

“The EU are well aware of our red lines and will not accept any deal which threatens to break up the UK or breaks the promises made to the British people at the referendum.”

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