Jenkyns: Hold your nerve Brexiteers, we are fighting tooth and nail for you

Andrea Jenkyns is the Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood.

The United Kingdom deserves better and it was right that Parliament voted down the Prime Minister’s deal this week. This was a bad deal and not one which the House of Commons could accept.

Following this defeat there have been continued calls by some Remain MPs to delay or worse reverse the result of the referendum. This is very distressing and I understand readers concerns that what they were promised is under threat by narrow-minded and undemocratic Remainers who want to keep us in the European Union against the British people’s wishes. This cannot be allowed to happen.

Politicians need to be building trust with the electorate, not tearing it down by ignoring the result of the referendum. I understand the frustration that many around the country are feeling. With 70 Labour MPs this week signing a letter demanding a second referendum, many of whom represent Leave-voting constituencies, I would be disillusioned if they represented the area I lived in and this should not be forgotten at the polling booth.

This is, unfortunately, becoming typical of the Labour Party. Jeremy Corbyn’s Brexit policy to keep us in the Single Market and the Customs Union would be a complete sell-out. Staying in these institutions will not allow us to obtain control over immigration and our halt our ability to sign new trade deals with the rest of the world.

Some MPs are now advocating that we delay Brexit by extending Article 50 as if this will somehow make resolve the deadlock in Parliament, however, nothing is going to change. We now need to get on with delivering Brexit not stalling it further and we should not be pushing democracy into the long grass with delay after delay. It is over 900 days since the referendum date and people need to see that what they vote for comes to pass in a timely manner. Any further delay will only cause further irritation and frustration to a country which has been more than patient waiting for Brexit to be delivered.

At the referendum there was no third option: the choice was either Leave or Remain. The referendum did not mention a half in, half out or worst of both worlds choice for our country’s future. The referendum question said nothing about giving the EU £39 billion of taxpayers’ money and getting nothing in return, the referendum question said nothing about a continued role for the European Court of Justice after 2019, and the referendum question said nothing about an Irish backstop and restricting our ability to sign new trade deals. The Prime Minister’s deal was a bad deal and Labour’s policy will mean Brussels having a say over our country’s future, this should never be allowed to happen again.

If a deal can’t be achieved that respects the result of the referendum then we need a clean Brexit and we need to move to WTO rules. Under WTO the result of the referendum will be delivered: we will be a sovereign and independent country once again and in control of our own destiny.

Every week I receive hundreds of messages from people who voted to leave telling me that they are dismayed with the state Westminster politics. And if I were looking in I can understand their anxieties. They have huge concerns that even after the referendum result and the triggering of Article 50 that their Brexit dream will never become a reality. I find this hugely upsetting personally.

My message to proud Brexiteers who feel this way is to hold your nerve and don’t give up on politicians or politics. There are dozens of dedicated MPs who are fighting tooth and nail and standing up for Brexit. I share your frustration, but please keep your resolve. The dream of a truly sovereign and independent United Kingdom is not lost. Brexit must be delivered. Leave must mean Leave and a brave band of Brexit MPs will continue to fight for our country, fight for democracy and will never accept a bad deal.

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