Jenkyns: Further May concessions will mean more resignations

Brexiteer Andrea Jenkyns has warned that there could be more high profile resignations if Theresa May makes further concessions to Brussels.

The PM has already put forward a Brexit in name only policy that would leave Britain unable to negotiate free trade deals with any nation it pleases and it would be bound by a ‘common EU rulebook’.

Jenkyns said: “If the Prime Minister makes further concessions with the EU there’ll no doubt be more resignations from Brexiteers in the Cabinet, from junior Ministers, to PPS’, because there’s only so much you can give in a negotiation.

“Surely it’s got to get to the stage where we put the country first and we do not want to lose the trust of our electorate. Already it’s starting to get eroded and people are not going to want to go out and vote in future. We need to ensure we deliver what we promised.”

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It looks like the Tories are edging closer to a vote of no confidence.