Javid: Protecting UK border is one of my top priorities

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has responded to the recent wave of illegal boat crossings from France, describing the situation as “deeply concerning” whilst insisting that he is taking action.

In an article for The Telegraph he has made clear today that: “Protecting the UK border and safeguarding lives is one of the Home Office’s most important priorities.”

Javid revealed that on Sunday he spoke to his French counterpart Christophe Castaner, with the pair agreeing to “ramp up cooperation”.

He also laid out how “the French have made dozens of arrests and disrupted many attempts to embark boats bound for the UK”.

There have been arrests around the Christmas period as well, with those suspected of facilitating illegal crossings now being targeted.

This is absolutely critical. The boats must be stopped, and as Nigel Farage has made clear, if Javid is prepared to take tough action then he may become the next Prime Minister.

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Brits have had enough of the UK being a soft touch. Illegal immigration must be tackled head on in a robust fashion that stops people breaking into the country.