Javid: Police should feel empowered to Stop & Search

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has once again insisted that police officers should feel empowered to use stop and search to tackle rising violence, insisting that officers should feel “absolutely confident”.

It comes after yet another horrific wave of violence in London that has seen boys and young men murdered, including a boy aged just 15 in Lewisham.

Speaking to ITV’s Good Morning Britain, the Home Sec was asked if he supported an increase in stop and search and said: “I’m saying if you’re a police officer, you should feel absolutely confident to use your powers of stop and search.”

He also stressed the need to “put ethnicity aside” in terms of the debate on tackling violent crime insisting that “it doesn’t matter if someone is black or brown or white or whatever they are”.

And he reiterated: “If the police think that there’s good reason that they may be carrying an offensive weapon the police should be absolutely empowered to stop them.”

Rather than dismissing the impact of police numbers having been cut under the Conservatives, Javid also admitted “police numbers have to be an important part of the solution, lets not pretend that its not” and wants a “fresh look” to ensure police have sufficient resources.

Stop and search was curbed under Theresa May as Home Secretary and London Mayor Sadiq Khan has only recently u-turned himself. Soft justice, politically correct policing encouraged by politicians has comprehensively failed. Javid is right to back police officers.