Javid: Cannot ignore child sexual exploitation by men of Pakistani heritage

Home Secretary Sajid Javid has one again highlighted the appalling string of child sex abuse gangs comprising disproportionately of men of Pakistani heritage.

Speaking last night on ITV’s Peston, Javid said that it was a “statement of the obvious that if you look at the recent high-profile convictions of group-based child sexual exploitation, the overwhelming majority have been of people of Pakistani heritage”.

Addressing Labour MP Chuka Umunna, Javid said: “Here we are specifically talking about group-based, gang-based child sexual exploitation, that’s what all these recent convictions have been about.

“And Chuka you must have noticed yourself when you just look at it and you look at the pictures it is the disproportionate number of people of Pakistani heritage. It cannot be ignored.”

Dismissing those who would rather not discuss the issue, the Home Secretary was clear: “And the problem here is that if we as politicians as decision-makers, those in public policy, if we ignore what is staring us in the face and refuse to engage with it and look to see if for instance there may be some cultural factors…we have to look at it, given the profile of these convictions that I refer to, you have to look at it because if you choose to ignore it what you end up doing is fuelling those who want to stoke division in our society and you give a free pass to the far-right.”

Just recently in Huddersfield 20 men were convicted of abusing young girls, and in Rotherham another 7 have just been found guilty. This sickening scourge on society needs to be tackled head on. Fair play to Sajid Javid.