Javid blasts snowflakes as 'oversensitive' over his 'Asian pedophiles' comment

Sajid Javid has doubled down over his “Asain paedophiles” comment relating to grooming gangs by blasting those offended as “oversensitive”.

The Home Secretary was speaking on Sky News and was asked about his comments, he said: “When I made that comment I was stating the facts, and the sad truth is that if you look at recent high-profile convictions of gang-based child sexual exploitation there is a majority of people that come from Pakistani heritage backgrounds, that’s plain for everyone to see.”

His original tweet caused some outrage on the left, with the Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott saying: “Attempts by… the government to attribute these crimes to one ethnic group does nothing to support these vulnerable women”.

However, Javid said: “What I’ve said is that we, in trying to deal with this, trying to turn this round, we must look at all factors and we must not be too sensitive and shy away or be oversensitive.

“I do not regret it at all.”

His comments come after a major operation by the National Crime Agency has successfully jailed several Asain grooming gangs in recent months, with 20 men being convicted last month in Huddersfield for example.

Javid is right to double down on his comments, the faux outrage from the left will not help convict more of these sick gangs.