Jamelia suggests taking votes away from the elderly

The Jeremy Vine Show on Channel 5 yesterday hosted one of the most absurd debates seen in the mainstream media in recent times. Increasingly it seems such shows are going for shock factor debates aimed at riling up a reaction with absurd propositions.

This particular one took another shot at the elderly, already regularly trashed by many bitter Remainers who can’t accept they lost the referendum.

Music star Jamelia was (seriously) arguing that there should be a cut-off age for voting, with those aged 75 and above stripped of voting rights.

Vine asked the media personality to state her case to a pensioner on the phone: “Jamelia, just explain to Pat why you would take her vote away”.

The bonkers argument put forward? “I just don’t think it’s fair that you have a vote when you’re not going to experience the consequences of that vote. And you’ve had 50-60 years of voting.”

What happened to respect for your elders?