Jailed jihadis in Belgium in contact with extremists in Syria and Iraq

Something of a cover-up has emerged in Belgium, with the Justice department seemingly withholding just how dire things are in relation to radical Islam.

New information, which was in initially withheld, has now emerged of jailed terrorists and radicalised prisoners contacting family, friends, criminals and even jihadists in Syria and Iraq.

The information has now leaked, with the sentence “contact was already established between terrorists imprisoned in Belgium and Belgian foreign terrorist fighters residing in Syria” having originally been deleted from a previous response by the government.

Responding to the extraordinary revelation, Flemish politician Jean-Jacques De Gucht said: “It is hallucinating to establish that the people we detain for terrorism from prison have contact with fighters in terror areas such as Syria and Iraq.

“I can be very hard at that. It is also special to note that such matters have been omitted from the replies I received from the Minister, while it is a fundamental right of a Member of Parliament to ask questions.

“It is frightening that our jails in 2018 are not better protected.”

For jailed extremists to be in contact with ISIS fighters abroad is extremely worrying and shows how weak European governments have become.