Jackson: 'No.10 amateurs trying to damage Boris'

Former Chief of Staff to David Davis, Stewart Jackson, has slammed Downing Street and Theresa May for a plot to try and eliminate Boris from the Conservative leadership scene.

In a series of tweets the former MP for Peterborough slammed No. 10 as “amateurs” who “are so useless that they try to politically assasinate a guy using dodgy proxies and he turns out stronger and more popular. And they look totally vindictive themselves.”

He continued “No. 10 have got themselves into an almighty mess over . My free advice: CCHQ should declare that evidential test for convening a disciplinary panel has not been met & matter is closed.”

Tory MP Andrew Bridgen writing for Westmonster yesterday also called out the Prime Minister, “Unfortunately, in using this issue as a stick to beat Boris, Theresa May and some of the members of her government have shown themselves to be once again totally out of step with the views of the majority of members of the Conservative Party and indeed of the public as a whole.”

Theresa May’s botched attempt to remove Boris has totally backfired.