Jackson: If public are betrayed on Brexit they will take revenge at ballot box

Stewart Jackson, former Chief of Staff and ex-Special Adviser to David Davis, today spoke to Westmonster about Theresa May’s Chequers Plan and a No Deal Brexit.

He thinks Theresa May’s Chequers Plan could be devastating for the Tories at the next General Election and people may feel ‘deceived and betrayed’ by it.

Jackson said: “It has the potential, if it’s not ameliorated in some way, to be as bad as the Conservative government in ’92 in terms of the ERM.

“If people feel deceived and betrayed by the government in not delivering the Brexit they were promised, I think they will take revenge at the ballot box and I think that has very serious consequences for the future of the Conservative Party.”

He also said Chequers isn’t a proper Brexit and he urged Theresa May to dump it.

If Theresa May carries on with this approach, the Tories will face the consequences at the next election, and it won’t be pretty. Surely her MPs who realise this won’t sit back and let that happen.

Watch the full interview below:

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