Italy's anti-mass migration Lega surge to 25% in new poll

The number of Italians who would vote for the Eurosceptic, anti-mass migration Lega party has surged since the election.

Lega were backed by 17% at Italy’s General Election in March, which was already a big increase in support for the party.

But now a new poll has shown the party, led by Matteo Salvini, has surged to 25% as they negotiate with the Five Star Movement over a governing agreement that looks close to completion.

That makes Lega the second most popular party, with the anti-establishment Five Star on 32%.

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It is yet another example of voters in Europe turning towards those promising a far tougher approach when it comes to mass migration. Salvini has said that he would aim to deport 500,000 illegal migrants. Italy is another country that has paid the price for the EU’s madness on the migrant crisis, and the public clearly want action.