Italy set for fresh elections as coalition talks crumble

Italians could be forced to go back to the polls as the winning parties fail to form a coalition.

Eurosceptic Five Star movement and the anti-mass migration Lega party have spent the last month trying to work out their differences in order to form a government, however, talks appear to have stalled, leaving the President scrambling to keep the country moving.

President Mattarella urged parties to beck a “neutral government” which would pass a budget and run the county until a formal coalition of the winning parties could be formed.

If Senators rejected the proposal, Mattarella urged new elections to be called as soon as possible.

Five Star Leader Luigi Di Maio rejected the proposal, tweeting: “(We have) no faith in a “neutral government”, which is synonymous with a government of technocrats. We are going to vote in July.”

Lega Leader Matteo Salvini agreed, adding: “There is no time to lose, there is no space for technocrat government.”

It’s going to be an interesting few months over there! Expect the Eurosceptics to do even better this time round.