Italy facing EU sanctions after budget rejection

The EU Commission have once again pushed back against the Italian government’s proposed budget.

In a report today they have said: “Our analysis suggests that the debt rule must be considered to have not been respected.”

“We conclude that the opening of a procedure for excessive deficit based on the debt is therefore justified”, they say with sanctions now on the cards. A disgrace against democracy.

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They “confirm our assessment that Italy’s draft budget plan is in particularly serious non-compliance with the Council recommendation of 13 July.”

EU Commission Vice-President Valdis Dombrovskis told a Brussels press conference that: “With what the Italian government has put on the table, we see a risk of the country sleepwalking into instability.”

Italy’s popular Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini has insisted before that: “We are not changing a comma of the budget that will lead Italy to growth.

“If Brussels or some big professors want Italy at zero growth, they have run into the wrong government and the wrong Minister.”

You can either be an independent country, or be bullied, controlled and lectured by the European Union.