Italy could give EU visas to 200,000 migrants

Italy is ready to engage “the nuclear option” and give 200,000 migrants the visas they need to enter mainland Europe because its government is fed up with the EU’s lack of help with the refugee crisis.

Allowing that number of migrants through Europe would bring the Schengen Agreement into question as it allows people to move freely across the continent.

More than 86,000 migrants have crossed the Mediterranean to Italy this year alone and Westmonster has reported on the crisis in Italy numerous times.

Mattia Toaldo, a senior analyst at the European Council on Foreign Relations: “If migrants continue to arrive and Italy decides to give them papers to cross borders and leave Italy it would be a nuclear option.

“Italians have lost any hope of getting help from the EU and may say ‘if you won’t make it a common challenge, we will’.”

Mario Giro, Italy’s deputy foreign minister, said his country could take advantage of the European Council Directive 2001/55, which permits temporary entry to large groups of displaced people.


The EU can only have itself to blame – it’s madness to throw open the doors to millions of people, make no provision for what happens when they get here or offer any substantial help to member states bearing the brunt of the crisis.