Italian fury over EU budget block

The Italian government has reacted furiously to the unelected EU Commission’s decision to reject their budget, with Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini making clear that their decision wouldn’t mean the Italians would back down – and he reminded the EU of its declining popularity.

Salvini responded fiercely to the EU’s veto, insisting: “This doesn’t change anything, let the speculators be reassured, we’re not going back.

“They’re not attacking a government but a people. These are things that will anger Italians even more and then people complain that the popularity of the European Union is at its lowest.”

His fellow Deputy Prime Minister, Luigi Di Maio, also weighed in and said: “This is the first Italian budget that the EU doesn’t like. I am not surprised. This is the first Italian budget that was written in Rome and not in Brussels.”

Only 44% of Italians back remaining in the European Union – and that was before this latest anti-democratic disgrace from Brussels.