Italian Deputy PM meets with French 'Yellow Vests'

One of Italy’s Deputy Prime Ministers, Five Star’s Luigi Di Maio, has met with the French anti-government ‘Yellow Vest’ movement. That won’t go down well with French President Emmanuel Macron.

Following persistent nationwide street protests, Di Maio has tweeted: “Today with  we made a leap in France and we met the leader of the yellow waistcoats Cristophe Chalençon and the candidates for the European elections of the list RIC of Ingrid levavaxeur. The wind of change crossed the Alps.” The Yellow Vests are likely to stand in May’s European Elections.

A statement afterwards read: “We have a lot of common positions and values, such as the defence of citizens, social rights, direct democracy and environment.

“There is enthusiasm, we will meet soon in Rome.”

This isn’t the first time Italian leaders have backed French anti-government protesters. Di Maio previously said: “The 5 Star Movement is ready to give you the support you need.

“Like you, we too strongly condemn those who caused violence during the demonstrations, but we are well aware of the fact that your movement is peaceful.

“We can make some of the functions of our operating system for direct democracy, Rousseau, available to you.”

And fellow Deputy PM, Matteo Salvini, also said: “Yellow vests, don’t give up!”

European politics is changing, rapidly…