'It won't be boring!' Farage launches new Leave Means Leave bus campaign

Nigel Farage has launched a new Brexit campaign to ‘Believe in Britain’ and make sure the Brexit vote is properly carried out.

Farage told Westmonster whilst standing outside of a new battle bus: “This campaign that we are launching is not a campaign to happen in committee rooms in Westminster, we are going out to street markets, we are going out to meet real people. And some people will love the bus and some won’t, but it won’t be boring.”

Richard Tice, a pro-Brexit businessman who also is part of the Leave Means Leave campaign told us: “We are having to relaunch the campaign to believe in Britain and make sure that leave truly does mean leave because unfortunately the Prime Minister and those in the Cabinet and No. 10 they think that Chequers is a sensible proposal.

“It’s not, it’s a disastrous proposal. It’s actually worse than remaining a member of the European Union.” 

Photos of the new battle bus:

When asked whether voters have had enough of buses, Farage said: “I’ve had buses for 25 years, and I’m not going to stop now. They do wake people up, and they do make people smile and it brings a bit of colour to the thing.”

The pro-Brexit campaign’s first public meeting is in Bolton this Saturday.