ISIS group 'operating in Greek refugee camp'

The Greek authorities are having to deal with infiltration by Islamic extremists in the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos.

They have reportedly attempted to persuade migrants into joining Islamic State, with the Greek authorities having deported around 120 suspected Islamic State supporters since March 2016.

A report by the German Deutsche Welle filmed footage that included pro-ISIS slogans at the camp where gangs of Syrians rule and terrorise Kurdish people, many of who have been forced out.

They possess weapons, use violence and push Sharia law, with German security officials confirming that ISIS figures are at the camp in Moria and are concerned that some are moving towards the rest of Europe via Athens.

One migrant told DW: “The camp is full of ISIS members,” and confirmed they run a crime network from the camp including that includes theft, drugs and mobile phones.

He also confirmed they attack as a gang and shout ISIS slogans.

Another migrant spoke of how the gang had choked him and pressed a knife against his throat. He told German media: “I left Syria because of ISIS. But when I arrived here, I realised the same ISIS rules apply here too. I ran from death, but it followed me here.

Meanwhile a top police official told The Times: “Suspected ‘baddies’ or people linked to them have entered the country, posing as refugees.

“But we’ve managed to arrest and deport them to Turkey. And we will continue to do so.”

The situation is extremely disturbing and a clear threat to the security of Europe.