IREXIT: Keep your chin up Brexiteers, stand up for freedom outside of EU

James Darby is the Director of Communications for IREXIT: Freedom to Prosper.

IREXIT Freedom to Prosper is a patriotic party that believes in our national democracy.

We assert that the best people to look after Irish affairs are the Irish people themselves. Irish people spent centuries fighting to be an independent and self-governing nation.
IREXIT Freedom to Prosper cherish these ideals and will put Irish people in control of their own destiny by restoring our national democracy and leaving the EU. As it stands Ireland is
subject to laws initiated by an unelected and unaccountable European Commission. MEPs from other countries get to vote and decide on EU laws which are then imposed on Ireland. A bit like the 64 billion euro bank debt imposed on the Irish people in 2011. So much for EU solidarity!

With so many key decisions made in Brussels it reduces our Parliament to a glorified county council. It infantilises our own democratic institutions and effectively reduces Ireland to being a minor EU rule-taker.

IREXIT Freedom to Prosper will put control back into the hands of Irish people by restoring an accountable and effective national democracy.

Leaving the EU’s Customs Union and then being free to make free trade deals around the world including with the UK is the only sure fire way to avoid a hard border in Ireland.
Please just look at what has come out in the last few weeks about the EU wishing to impose a hard border in Ireland. Let’s be clear, no party in Ireland or Britain wants a hard border in Ireland. But the EU wishes to use the issue as a stick to punish Britain and if possible keep the North of Ireland – and if need by the whole UK in the EU Customs Union.

Barnier in May said Ireland’s membership of the EU Customs Union means “customs controls”. Then Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney was then caught on mic telling another minister “We’ll be the government that reintroduced a physical border on the island of Ireland.”

This was quickly followed by a German MP, Gunther Krichbaum chairman of the Bundestag committee on European Affairs admitting when pressed on BBC Radio Foyle “It will be a hard border of the European Union”. Juncker’s Spokesman on January 22nd said in case of a No Deal Brexit, there would be a hard border in Ireland.

To top it off, Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar then said a hard border might entail look-out posts and soldiers on the border.

But given the British don’t want a hard border, just whose troops would that be then? An EU Army? Looks like it. I would not like to be them when they set up shop on the border with South Armagh.

At the end of the day, the border issue has been confected by the EU to keep the UK in the Customs Union. The European Parliament even commissioned a report in 2017, Smart Border 2.0 outlining how smart technology can ensure a frictionless border on the island of Ireland. If the political will is there, the technology exists to make a frictionless border happen.

The Irish government was bilaterally discussing this idea with Britain when Enda Kenny was in power but these discussions were stopped immediately by EU fanatic, Leo Varadkar when he came into power.

Barnier made clear that he wished to make the deal with the UK so bad that they would choose to remain. In a way the EU negotiations were not genuine. The EU was only thinking of giving the UK a punishment beating, and set an example for other countries in Europe.

An increasing number of people in Ireland realise that the EU is not our friend. These people in Brussels helped rob 200 billion Euro worth of fish out of our waters since we joined the Common Market. They laboured the Irish taxpayer with 64 billion Euro Franco-German bank debt…and soon they will be coming after our vital corporate tax regime. The longer we still in the EU, the colder it gets.

In the case of a WTO Brexit, the EU will seek to impose a hard border in Ireland. So much for solidarity with Ireland as Leo Varadkar has bogged his arm in on the backstop, to watch it backfire badly.

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In the case of a WTO or No Deal Brexit there are only two ways to prevent a hard border on our island. The first is Ireland leaves the EU’s Customs Union and is free to make a trade deal with Britain and other countries around the globe. This has the benefit of Ireland once again becoming a sovereign independent state free of EU supremacy.

The second, is the use of smart technology facilitating a frictionless border. However this has the downside of keeping Ireland tied inside the EU. And for that ‘privilege’ we will continue to pay into the EU budget and allow the EU to impose many laws upon us, many against our interests, and made by people we did not elect. Not a great deal.

IREXIT Freedom to Prosper supports the Brexiteers who want a sovereign independent country free of EU control and diktat. The EU has shown its nasty vindictive side in these ‘negotiations’ but please keep your chin up. Stand for freedom, set an example for other countries in Europe.

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A number of years from now, hopefully Ireland will also be outside the EU and we can rebuild an adult relationship as mature states once again upholding and respecting our national freedom and democracy.