Irexit: 'EU fanatic' Varadkar heightening chance of No Deal Brexit

The Republic of Ireland’s anti-EU Irexit: Freedom to Prosper party have hit out after reports emerged of the Irish government resisting bilateral border talks with the British government. Why wouldn’t those in Ireland engage with the UK on the use of technology to avoid a hard border?

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James Darby, Director of Communications for Irexit Freedom to Prosper, told Westmonster that: “It is no surprise to hear that the Irish government has refused to engage in bilateral talks with the UK government about resolving the border issues.

“When EU fanatic Leo Varadkar became Taoiseach he decided to politicise the border issue to make it as difficult as possible for the UK to leave the EU fully.

“His Team Europe approach to Brexit has put Anglo-Irish relations back decades and has heightened the risk of No Deal considerably.

“His strategy is leading to an outcome that we all want to avoid and will lead to an EU-imposed hard border on the island of Ireland.

“This all could have been avoided early on in the process in the form of bilateral talks that would have explored sensible modern ways to avoid a hard border. Modern technology , trusted trader schemes and random checks away from border areas could have resolved this issue in a timely and amicable way.”

It is utterly absurd and irresponsible for the Irish government to refuse bilateral talks with the British government to help reach a mutually beneficial deal. What the hell are they playing at?