Ireland's anti-EU Freedom Party launch billboard campaign

The pro-Irexit Irish Freedom Party have launched a national billboard campaign in the Republic of Ireland, in a move that is sure to cause a stir. The party report that there are 30 posters in Dublin alone.

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One of the billboards quotes German MEP Gunther Krichbaum, who has said of a No Deal Brexit: “Because you know certainly well that the European Union does not have a competence to control the borders.

“It will be a hard border of the European Union, but this is the consequence if we have not a member state any longer in the European Union.”

Another features Irish revolutionary Michael Collins and reads Ár dtír féin arís (Our own land again.).

It also features the line: “EU membership means paying old men we didn’t elect to make EU laws we don’t need.”

And another billboard features a family and says: “A normal self-governing state can: Lower its taxation, Encourage job creation, Trade globally, Control its borders, and Help house its families.”

The Irish Freedom Party’s Director of Communications, James Darby, has said: “For the first time in recent history, voters have a real choice. It is time to reject the politically correct Europhile establishment. Embrace the patriotic alternative with the Irish Freedom Party.

“We have unique appeal. We are the only party who believe in Irish freedom and national sovereignty. The Irish people deserve a proper choice and vision for our country. The days of subservience to foreign authority should be over.

“We are a patriotic party of national sovereignty in favour of a smaller state, lower taxation, free speech, and control of our shared national resources for the benefit of the Irish people.

“We will never again accept our national budget being approved in the Bundestag before it was even seen in Dáil Éireann, nor allowing the Troika of EU, ECB and IMF imposing 64 billion euro bank debt on the Irish taxpayer.

“As an EU net contributor, why are we paying for other people in Brussels to make many of our laws? This situation has to change. The Irish Freedom Party will be a voice for change in these Euro Elections.”

The European Elections in Ireland just got a lot more interesting.