'Iranian' migrants intercepted on dinghy, 86 discovered over past two weeks

Police have announced that they are dealing with yet another boat containing eight suspected migrants who were caught trying to sneak into the country yesterday.

HM Coastguard have also confirmed that it is assisting the local police in Kent after the migrants were found off Dover.

All eight were men and said they were Iranian.

Dover MP Charlie Elphicke said: “As winter sets in these people remain determined to break into Britain.

“The numbers we’re seeing are unprecedented.

“We need to see more vessels patrolling the English Channel – and the government must invest in more cutters and skilled officers at the Dover front line.”

This the latest of many recent incidents which have seen more than 80 migrants, most of whom Iranian, attempt to break into the country on dinghies. A change from the usual trick of hiding in the back of lorries to illegally enter. 

At least 86 have been picked up on boats over the past fortnight. Coastal patrols are being stepped up as a result.

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But are we deporting them once they gain illegal entry? That is the question.