Institute for Government: Pro-No Deal PM couldn't be stopped by MPs

A new Prime Minister committed to delivering a WTO Brexit couldn’t be stopped by MPs in Westminster if they were committed to a proper clean break Brexit.

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That’s the verdict of the Institute for Government, who insist that in reality “there is no decisive route to blocking No Deal”.

They go as far as to headline their analysis: “A new Prime Minister intent on No Deal Brexit can’t be stopped by MPs”. It couldn’t be clearer.

Whilst MPs could go for more anti_No Deal motions, a new PM could just avoid giving the Opposition time to ahead of the new Article 50 deadline of October 31st 2019.

The Institute for Government point out that: “If a new Prime Minister is set on No Deal, then they have no need for further ‘meaningful votes’. That denies MPs an opportunity to vote to take control of the timetable again.

“And the No Deal provision in the EU Withdrawal Act 2018 – which would have required the Government to hold a vote in the Commons if no agreement had been reached with the EU by 21 January – has long expired.”

There are no excuses. If the next Tory Leader fails to deliver a No Deal Brexit, it will be their choice, as it was for Theresa May. With the Brexit Party surging, will the next PM continue to ignore the will of the people?

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