IFS latest to duck huge pressure mass migration places on NHS

The Institute for Fiscal Studies are the latest group to look at soaring demand on the NHS – but virtually ignore the huge pressure being placed on the health service by mass migration.

They are saying that “substantial tax rises” are required – but no mention to another solution; slashing migration so that there are far less patients.

It is quite incredible that the IFS are the latest to duck this elephant in the room, given the UK just saw the largest annual population growth for 70 years, 538,000. 62% of this was driven by net migration.

That’s despite the group acknowledging that “health and social care systems struggle to cope with growing demand”.

One of the very mentions of the word “immigration” in any of the reports four chapters reads: “It has been particularly strong in recent years, with annual average increases of 0.8% (twice the long-run average) between 2006 and 2016 driven by rising levels of immigration and an increased birth rate.”

But their chapter on “Future pressures on the NHS and social care” doesn’t mention the word immigration once!

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Another group ducking the major driver of Britain’s soaring population: mass migration. No one is denying that the health service needs more money. But no one can deny that one of the main reasons for this is the huge numbers of people coming to the country each year.