IDS slams firms for not 'bothering to find UK workers'

Iain Duncan Smith has blasted UK businesses because they have “not even bothered to try and find UK people to work.”

The former Tory leader was responding to the CBI’s calls for an end to immigration limits on Radio 4’s the Today programme.

He said: “I think the best thing to do is work with what we have got and make it work for everyone around the world.

“People can come here for work but they need to have work to come to, and that work needs to have been agreed and accepted that there isn’t a person in the UK that could do that work and has the skills to do that work.”

The CBI campaigned for remain during the referendum and is now calling on the Government to scrap immigration targets.

Smith continued: “Leaving the EU, we should not be offering for people to come over here just looking for work and to claim benefits.

“We need a living wage that does not require people to come over here and claim benefits to top up.”

Brexit voters have had enough of mass migration, it’s time for UK companies to step up.