IDS: Default position is WTO Brexit

Pro-Brexit Conservative MPs appear to be standing firm ahead of Tuesday’s vote on Theresa May’s deal. Project Fear and threats of ‘No Brexit’ don’t appear to be finding their mark.

Former Tory Leader Iain Duncan Smith has hit back hard, telling The Telegraph: “The government is trying to say to Leavers: this is your last chance to leave. Vote for the deal or you’ll get no Brexit. But the reality is that if the deal fails, the default position remains leaving on World Trade Organisation (WTO) terms.

As for Downing Street’s attempts at persuading Brexiteers to back what’s on the table? “This has been the Ladybird Book of spin operations. It’s like Spinning for Children, chapter one: try to scare MPs into submission.”

IDS also thinks there is still the possibility of an alternative deal with the EU after MPs reject May’s plan. “Brussels has a plan B if the deal fails and we go to WTO. They don’t want No Deal.”

Favouring a No Deal Brexit has become the mainstream Conservative view, with 64% of members preferring it to what May is proposing.

The anti-No Deal Tory MP Nick Boles is now facing a deselection attempt by furious local Conservatives.

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It is time for Conservative MPs to stand strong reject the deal and push for a proper Brfexit that delivers full independence.