Iceland’s Foreign Minister warns EU against punishing Britain

At least one European politician is speaking sense. One from outside the EU, naturally.

“There will be no winners if we are going to have trade barriers. I would think that at the end of the day it will be obvious that is it is in everyone’s interests to have free trade in Europe, as it was before,” Icelandic Foreign Minister, Gudlaugur Thór Thórdarson told The Telegraph.

The bold talk in Brussels is the EU can afford to talk to tough with Britain. Restricted access to the UK’s lucrative market is a price worth paying for the sake of preserving the precious European Union, goes the economically illiterate argument.

Marine Le Pen’s march to victory at the French Presidential elections and the Italian banking crisis may see to the EU’s destruction well before Britain finally gets its independence back. As usual, priorities in Brussels are in the completely wrong order. The anti-democratic EU would be better off taking a leaf from Mr Thórdarson’s book by listening to the people:

“Erecting trade barriers simply means that the politicians in the remaining 27 EU countries will have to explain to the people who could lose their jobs, that they are doing it because they are so ‘tough’ on the Brits.”

While Eurocrats fantasise over giving Britain a kicking between now and March 2019, they should probably start factoring in economic and political reality for once. If there’s no deal, Europe will suffer more than the UK.