'I agree with Boris!' Locals in both May and BoJo's constituencies support his burka comments

Boris Johnson comments about the burka looking like ‘a letterbox’ sparked outrage among the politically correct chattering classes, but Westmonster wanted to know what real people thought.

Theresa May has called on him to apologise, Boris has refused. Westmonster went to May’s constituency in Maidenhead and Boris’ patch in Uxbridge to see whose team the people were on…

Surprise, surprise, it’s Team Boris!

One lady told us: “I totally agree with him. As far as I’m concerned it’s very scary. It could be a man, a terrorist and saying the word terrorist they terrify me and terrify children.”

And another woman said: “There could be a man under there with a knife. I think it should be stopped and I do believe Boris is right.”

One chap said: “It’s a free country and I think you should be able to speak your mind.”

There were less than a handful of people who objected to Boris’ interjection.

The fact is most people don’t want to bow down to this ridiculously politically correct view of the world being forced upon the nation by uber-sensitive lefty pushovers.

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