Hunt: Brexit talks with Labour have been 'constructive'

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has revealed that Brexit talks with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party have been “constructive”. Well isn’t that cosy?

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Despite Labour pushing for a permanent Customs Union and/or a second referendum, Hunt told the BBC he thinks the discussions are going well.

He said this morning that: “Talks we are having with Labour are detailed and I think more constructive than people have thought.

“They are more detailed and more constructive than people had been expecting on both sides. But we don’t know if they are going to work.”

Instead of delivering a clean Brexit on WTO terms, the Tories are now helping to legitimise Corbyn as a potential Prime Minister by seeking to ram an EU deal through Parliament with his backing.

Hardline Tory Remainer MP Sir Oliver Letwin has even said of Corbyn: “I think he is somebody that we can do business with.”

No wonder Conservative support has fallen to its lowest level in years.