Hungary uses George Soros' face on anti-mass-immigration posters

The Hungarian government is using billionaire Europhile George Soros’ face on posters as part of a campaign against mass-immigration.

The poster reads “don’t let Soros have the last laugh” and above it states “99% reject illegal immigration“.

Soros, a Hungarian who survived the Holocaust, has called for the EU to take in millions of migrants.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orban is a fierce critic of EU migration laws, which he feels damage Hungary’s security, culture and sovereignty by allowing an unlimited number of refugees free access to the continent.

Orban has referred to mass-migration as “a poison” and recruited border police to stem the flow into Hungary.

This prompted Soros to meet with Jean-Claude Juncker to discuss taking legal action against Hungary over its hard-line stance.

It’s another classic case of the dictatorial EU not allowing a nation-state to make decisions for itself. Hungary is rebelling, but how many more will follow as the migrant crisis deepens?