Hungary to hold national consultation on migration policy

Hungary will hold a national consultation next month on its borders policy in the face of the EU’s plan to force countries to take in a quota of migrants.

The country has so far refused to take in EU quotas of migrants, believing it to be an issue that should be settled domestically, as opposed to at an EU level.

Csaba Dömötör, Hungary’s Secretary of State, said the consultation will begin in early October and contain seven questions relating to various issues surrounding immigration, refugees and borders.

Dömötör, accused the EU of adopting ‘Soros’ plan‘ a reference the the billionaire businessman George Soros who funds various open borders campaigns. He said:  “This has had an impact on the EU bureaucrats that a proposal at EU level that initiates the allocation of immigrants with no ceilings and imposes penalties for countries that do not meet this requirement has been rapidly adopted by 2016.”

He also stressed the need to distinguish between genuine refugees and economic migrants. Dömötör says Hungary will always provide assistance to genuine refugees fleeing war or persecution, but as statistics show, most people coming to Europe are economic migrants “who often pose as refugees with false papers to circumnavigate the current rules”.

In his first speech to Parliament last week, Prime Minister Victor Orban said that certain countries (like Germany) accept, approve of and encourage mass migration while countries like Hungary are determined to preserve their security, way of life and national, religious and cultural identity.

“Today, pro-immigration countries wish to settle the difference between the two sides by recommending that we too become immigrant countries, and if we refuse, they force it on us,” he said, referring to the EU’s mandatory refugee relocation scheme, which Hungary refused to take part in.

“We want a Hungarian Hungary and a European Europe,” he added.