Hungary opens army base for border patrols

Hungary has opened up a small military base to house its border force in order for them to be closer to the patrol zones.

Defence Minister Istvan Simicsko said: “The defence of the border … so hundreds of thousands won’t march across the country, deserves total respect, our most important common interest is the protection of the Hungarian citizens, our family members and civilians”.

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said Hungary is beefing up its border fences and patrols after anticipating a surge of migrants this year because of the deteriorating relationship between the EU and Turkey, with Turkey’s President Erdogan promising to send 15,000 migrants a month to Europe. 

Orban told Hungarian radio: “This will be a fence that will be able to block the path of even the largest crowds arriving from Turkey, so in Austria and Germany people can sleep soundly because Hungarians will be protecting Europe’s external borders”.

A country putting the safety and security of its own citizens before all else.