Hull: 'Man with meat cleaver tried to petrol bomb two banks' according to reports

A man reportedly wielding a meat cleaver has been arrested in Hull after supposedly attempting to set fire to two banks in Hull.

Stores were evacuated and the train station was put on lockdown as the man was chased down and arrested by police officers. There are reports that he had to be tasered.

The authorities responded to the situation at around 13:00 today, with a witness telling Hull Live: “He went to Santander and sprayed petrol there and set it alight.

“He then ran over to Barclays Bank and sprayed that with petrol too but he didn’t manage to set it alight.”

The city centre is on lockdown.

Humberside Police have said: “The man had entered two banks on King Edward Street around 1pm and set fire to some of the liquid.

“A number of officers quickly attended along with fire crews and a small blaze was put out.”