Huge surge in number of migrants arriving in Greece via Turkey

New figures show the number of migrants arriving in Greece via Turkey is massively on the up.

Frontex, the EU border agency, says 15,457 people have crossed from Turkey into Greece so far this year – 6,108 by land, the rest by boat.

That’s 9 times more than the same time last year.

And this is coupled with the fact the Greek court has now said migrants don’t have to stay in Greece while their asylum claim is being processed…so they can wander freely across the continent and presumably disappear into thin air.

This begs the question: Why the heck is the EU paying Turkey billions of pounds to help handle the migrant crisis?! Considering Turkey and Greece are permanently on the brink of armed conflict, any guesses as to how well that’s going?

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It’s just absolutely bonkers. The EU’s open border policy is insane.