Huge brawl between migrants, far-right mob and left-wing activists in Lesbos, Greece

Police on the Greek island of Lesbos were forced to put migrants on busses and take them to a holding camp after hundreds of angry locals began fighting with them in yet another example of the social disharmony caused by the migrant crisis.

It’s believed around 200 men chanting far-right slogans attacked the migrants because they’d decided to leave their holding centre and set up camp in the main town square – the migrants were protesting at the length of time it was taking them to have their asylum applications processed.

Several migrants were injured during the incident.

But then a group of left-wing locals also turned up and began defending the migrants, so the whole fight then erupted on an even larger scale.

The fight then moved away from Sapphous Square and towards the waterfront, at which point the police were forced to evacuate the migrants back to the Moria processing centre.

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This is what happens when you have an open border policy and make absolutely no provision whatsoever for what happens when thousands of migrants arrive. It can cause massive divisions in society and lead to disharmony, resentment and violence.