Hospitals and schools struggling to cope with population surge

Britain’s ridiculous, irresponsible population surge driven by mass migration is having real-life consequences when it comes to the country’s infrastructure.Two stories today illustrate this point perfectly.

Firstly, the government are looking to scrap the four-hour A&E waiting time target on hospitals. The Times report that hospitals will no longer have to treat patients within four hours and that “the number of patients waiting more than four hours has risen by seven times in nine years”. A&E waiting times recently hit their worst level in England for 15 years.

That isn’t surprising given the surge in population. When the BBC previously reported from the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, NHS staff described the situation as being at “breaking point”, “queues on the corridor” an “unsafe” environment and that it now “feels like we’re in a third world country”.

As they pointed out: “The amount of people who need services that we can offer is growing and we do just not have the resource to deal with them”. In that hospital alone they were seeing 100 more patients per day compared to the year before.

In 2017, though avoiding the issue of immigration totally, the BBC also pointed out how 250,000 more people were using A&E every month compared to 2010. This is at the same time as net migration into Britain has ran at the hundreds of thousands net each and every year.

Meanwhile The Times also report today that a record number of children will be left this year without their first-choice of secondary school, particularly in large cities. The total number is set to hit around 115,000 students who will miss out.  Around 606,000 children have applied for places, an increase of 23,000 in one year.

On top of this, two-thirds of secondary schools in England have increased the size of their classes over the past few years.

Britain’s infrastructure is having to cope with mass migration that recently saw the largest annual population increase for 70 years. The year ending June 2016 saw an annual increase of 538,000 people, 62% due to net migration. In the last set of figures the annual increase was 392,000, 59% due to migration.

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Unfortunately the problem looks set to get worse: England’s population is projected to increase by 3.2 million in 10 years to 2026. London’s population is set to surge by 774,000, 8.8% in just 10 years.

Unless politicians use the opportunity of Brexit to get a handle on migration and bring it down to sustainable levels, public services will be massively strained and quality of life will suffer. Action must be taken. Net migration should be reduced to the tens of thousands net per year. It is the sensible thing to do.

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