Hope Not Hate campaign against UKIP on tax and NHS

So-called ‘anti-racism’ group Hope Not Hate are continuing their absurd campaign against UKIP, producing a leaflet that focuses on everything from the NHS to the taxation system.

The leaflet includes a flow chart, with questions the organisation want people to ask themselves on whether should they be considering voting UKIP. The problem is, the clearly loaded questions don’t actually represent anything like UKIP policy.

They focus on healthcare policy relating to the NHS being privatised, despite that having never been UKIP policy. Of course at this election it won’t be either as Paul Nuttall has set out himself. It’s an outright fib.

HNH then presume to know UKIP’s tax policy and insist they want to slash taxes for the rich. They must have a crystal ball knocking around somewhere given the manifesto hasn’t been launched yet.

Their final point is pure Alinsky, building up a strawman argument about your opponent and then attacking that, instead of their actual argument. It’s utterly ridiculous. In the last General Election, UKIP fielded more BME candidates than the Green Party! More recently, UKIP stood an orthodox Jew as their candidate for Mayor of Greater Manchester, who incidentally, was told to “go home” by far-left activists.

Westmonster wonders what this leaflet has to do with HNH’s stated mission of combating racism? The group seems more focused on inventing domestic policies for UKIP then attacking them…