HMRC: 'UKIP not a proper party' - wants £300k in tax from Banks

HMRC has decided that it wants £300,000 in backdated tax on a donation made by Westmonster and Leave.EU’s Arron Banks because it says UKIP ‘wasn’t a proper party’ when the donation was made.

Banks donated £1 million to the party ahead of the 2015 General Election after Nigel Farage’s party won 26.6% of the vote in the European Elections the previous year.
HMRC reportedly argue that because the party’s only MPs had defected from the Conservatives, it didn’t count as a ‘real party’ – something it defines as having at least 150,000 votes and at least one MP elected in a General Election.

“I think it will come as a shock not just to Nigel Farage, who led UKIP, but to the millions of people who voted for UKIP that they were not voting for a political party,” Banks told the Daily Mail’s Andrew Pierce.

Banks spent two days in court last week fighting the decision.

It’s mental that a party that won the European Elections, won 4 million votes in the 2015 election, won seats in the Welsh and London Assemblies as well as hundreds of councillors up and down the country, isn’t considered a political party.

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