Hijab compulsory in around 150 UK schools, government too 'politically correct' to step in

Around 150 schools have made it compulsory for children to wear the hijab and the government is too politically correct to step in and do anything about it, according to the former head of Ofsted.

Sir Michael Wilshaw said: “There’s something like 150 schools…. which in short make it compulsory for youngsters to wear a hijab – so what’s happening about those schools?

“The country has enormously changed. When heads want to change things, they have now to take into account deep-seated and sincere feeling of communities, some of whom who have conservative views.

“The government needs to step in. It can no longer say it’s up to the headteachers. That head might be faced with an opposition which says, well hang on, you made this decision, but there’s a school half a mile away which does allow (wearing hijabs for primary aged children).”

Asked if the government is too politically correct to step in and sort it out, he said: “Yes absolutely. There is a reticence, and it’s leaving headteachers alone, isolated and vulnerable.”

Earlier this month Westmonster reported on Ofsted’s chief inspector saying some faith schools were deliberately undermining British values, perverting young people’s minds and “indoctrinating impressionable minds with extremist ideology”.

The government needs to step in and get a grip of this, the hijab is supposed to be a free choice.