Heseltine warns pro-EU Lords will interfere with EU Withdrawal Bill

One of Britain’s most staunchly pro-EU politicians has warned that the unelected House of Lords is set to once again interfere with the Brexit process and seek to ‘amend’ the EU Withdrawal Bill.

Hesetline told POLITICO that: “I will vote in the House of Lords where it appears that we can pass amendments that suit Britain’s self interest in Europe.

“There is no convention which says we cannot amend legislation and send it back to the Commons. That is our responsibility. The issue is how many times we send proposals back for reconsideration.”

For staunchly anti-Brexit, unelected figures to be openly plotting to hold up the Brexit process in such a way exposes once more a glaring issue with British democracy.

It is great that the British people have voted for national independence. But that verdict is now subject to the whims of unelected Lords who are totally unaccountable and overwhelmingly represent the increasingly discredited pro-Brussels establishment.

Brexit Britain is about democratic accountability. An unelected Lords has no place anymore.