Heaver slams May's Calais capitulation, 'we're being turned over'

Westmonster’s Michael Heaver has slammed May’s decision to give the French £44.5m to deal with the madness at the Calais border and called for a new approach to migration in Britain to solve the infrastructure crisis.

He thinks the government is being ‘turned over’ by dishing money out for failing migration controls on the continent when Britain’s got massive infrastructure problems at home.

He said on Sky News: “We shouldn’t go along with this Macron/Merkel policy agenda that’s on the way out in Europe. This is old hat now. People are rejecting it. The European public are rejecting it at every single election now.

“We need a new approach. An approach that says yes we welcome migration that’s controlled, that’s planned for, that our infrastructure can cope with.

“We are reaching historic high levels of population growth in this country. 538,000, 62% of that being fuelled by mass migration we cannot keep going down this road.”

He added that it shouldn’t be Britain’s responsibility to pick up the tab for the failings of the EU migration policy.

Plain talking and common sense. Britain’s infrastructure can’t cope, it’s time to take back control of the borders.