Heaver: Those who campaigned for UK to be ruled from Brussels still don’t care about democracy

The British people upset the political establishment with a thunderbolt on June 23rd 2016 and they’ve never been forgiven for it.

Far from accepting the democratic wishes of the people, many politicians have sought to overturn the result from the start.

Europhiles on the Tory benches, along with an opportunistic Labour Party chopping and changing to do whatever they can to bring down the government, have totally lost sight of the public vote.

Don’t forget, the government’s propaganda leaflet promised to implement what the public decided. Not to take it back to Parliament so it can be diluted by politicians.

Just look at the way that MPs have insisted that the public never voted to leave the Single Market and Customs Union. This blatant disregard for political reality omits the fact that everyone from David Cameron to George Osborne to Michael Gove said that Leave would mean out of the Single Market.

Remember, leaving the Single Market is critical as it is the only way that Britain can end freedom of movement and open borders – the key motivation for Leave voters and the issue what won it. To pretend that Brexiteers weren’t voting to end uncontrolled immigration shows how time and again those in Westminster try and take the general public for mugs.

Last night the Remoaners reached a new low. One after the other they stood up in the House of Commons talking about sovereignty in Parliament and their right to have a veto on Brexit. This blatant opportunism is sickening. None of this lot were interested or had shown the slightest bit of interest in the sovereignty of our nation’s Parliament as it has grown weaker under rule from Brussels. As ever, these clowns conjure up whatever garbage they can as they seek to justify pursuing their own political agenda over and above the Brexit mandate handed to them by voters.

The Brexit referendum saw so many who never normally vote go and do so because they believed they could enact radical political change at the ballot box.

Some have tweeted me overnight expressing their disgust at last night’s events. It shows once again why distrust in politicians and disdain for Westminster is so rampant. Why did I bother, they ask.

For those who pretend that when MPs voted for themselves and unelected Lords to have the final say on Brexit, that it somehow wasn’t about gumming up the process…stop lying. You’re making yourselves look silly.

Just look at the way that Labour’s Lord Adonis bragged about the vote being a step towards overturning the referendum result.

Adonis recently met the EU’s Chief Negotiator, Michel Barnier, alongside arch-Europhile Ken Clarke and Nick Clegg. That’s right – Nick Clegg, the man who isn’t even an MP anymore and has just released a book about killing off Brexit altogether.

The likes of Anna Soubry are blatant about their intentions to launch an all-out assault on the will of the people.

The truth is that something far bigger than a single Parliamentary vote is at play here. This is about the political system and those who govern.

Just as so many of them were happy for Britain to bow down to Brussels – and still want that humiliating process to continue – they are similarly dismissive of a political system whereby power rests with the people. The elites in this country have just given yet another example why the public hold Westminster and politicians at large in such disdain. It is justified.

If, as I believe they will now try, Anna Soubry and her band of anti-democrats seek to keep the UK locked inside the Single Market and Customs Union, then they are foolish. For the scale of the political revolution to come could surpass even that which we saw last year, on Britain’s increasingly distant Independence Day.