Health Secretary: Confident medicines unhindered after No Deal Brexit

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock has confirmed that he is “confident” there will be an “unhindered supply” of medicines even after a No Deal Brexit.

His comments come after repeated scaremongering on the subject from the usual subjects, with the Department of Health having to respond after Gary Lineker tweeted out Project Fear propaganda that warned “you could be unable to get your usual prescription”.

Lineker has since deleted the tweet, with the government department telling him: “This is not an official NHS leaflet. People should trust advice from official NHS sources. We are confident that if everyone does what they need to do, medical supplies will be uninterrupted and patients will get their prescriptions as normal.”

This morning Sophy Ridge asked Matt Hancock on Sky News if the public would be able to get medicines they need even in the event of a No Deal Brexit, and he said: “Yes we are confident that if everybody does what they need to do then we’ll have an unhindered supply of medicines.”

He added that there was an “awful lot of work going on to ensure that’s the case” and that things were “progressing very well” with the pharmaceutical industry.

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Yet more Project Fear scare stories put to rest.